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Debate: Does Oxford foster a sense of community?

Maxim Parr-Reid and Tilly Nevin debate whether Oxford University fosters a sense of community

Do colleges have an imperative to help the homeless?

Michael Shao and Matt Roller debate the role of colleges in helping to solve Oxford's homelessness crisis

Debate: does fake news directly threaten democracy?

Richard Birch and Joe Baverstock-Poppy debate whether fake news poses a damage to the democratic systems around us

Life divided: collections

Nicola Dwornik describes two different takes on the termly ‘collections’ experience

Has 2016 shown that majoritarian democracy has failed?

Alex Oscroft questions the effectiveness of majoritarian democracy based on the events of 2016, whereas Toby Williams argues that the system has just been misused this year

College rivalries: good for life at university?

Colin Donnelly argues that college rivalries are an important building block of the culture in Oxford, whereas Antonio Gottardello claims they are a relic from the past

Debate: ‘does Oxford produce good British Prime Ministers?’

A training ground for outstanding national leaders or producer of the unrepresentative and out of touch? Ben Evans and Ellen Peirson-Hagger go head to head
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