Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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    Deconstructing Dr Seuss: the issue of diversity in children’s literature

    'After a report in 2020 revealed that only 5% of British children’s books featured a Black or minority ethnic main character, other titles are providing much needed representation.'

    ‘Too diverse’: the racist backlash to Fred Perry

    If you’re a person of colour, or a minority in the UK, it is more than likely that you become desensitised to casual racism....

    Oxford delays publication of access reports because of current “world events”

    The University of Oxford have delayed the publication of their yearly admissions and diversity data, due to be published today, in light of current “world events”. The HuffPost...

    Oxford Union falls short on Michaelmas reforms

    Union staff have failed to complete diversity and equality training, and committee training in Hilary term was not attended by the full committee. In Michaelmas,...

    Literary Blackface

    When the largest book retailer in the United States, Barnes & Noble, launched their so-called Diverse Editions initiative in honour of Black History Month,...

    The Death of Theatre Monarchy

    It’s January 2020 and a new controversy has arrived to add to the Britain’s collection. Popular discussion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s exit from...

    Oxford City Council improves workplace diversity

    Oxford City Council has published its annual Workforce Equality Report, suggesting that, while there is stillprogress to be made in regards toworkplace diversity in...

    First black head of an Oxford college appointed

    Baroness Valerie Amos is set to become the first black head of an Oxford college, following her appointment as Master of University College. The former...

    In full: rich colleges hinder outreach efforts

    Magdalen, Oriel and New spend less than 0.5% of college budgets on outreach in 2017/18

    Knight Of: read the one percent

    Juliet Garcia covers the launch of Knight Of's crowdfunding campaign, centred around BAME children's literature.