Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    Revealed: Oxbridge’s offshore millions

    Oxford colleges are to be hauled before Parliament as they continue to invest millions in offshore funds

    Environmental damage, human rights abuses, and nukes: St Anne’s dodgy investments...

    The corporations have been accused of selling arms to Saudi Arabia, causing huge environmental damage, and committing human rights abuses

    Protestors call for divestment at Clarendon Building rally

    Oxford Climate Justice Campaign called on the University and its colleges to divest from the fossil fuel industry

    A letter to Louise Richardson from the Oxford Climate Justice Campaign

    The campaign's 170th letter to the vice chancellor, ahead of their divestment rally tomorrow

    St Hilda’s adopts new divestment recommendations

    The approved changes, initially recommended by St Hilda’s JCR Divestment Working Group, aim to align the college’s investments with the challenge of climate change

    Campaigners deliver 169 letters to vice chancellor demanding divestment

    The letters addressed the "hypocrisy" of the University investing in fossil fuels while producing cutting-edge science on climate change

    LMH calls for fossil fuel divestment

    The motion urged the college to divest from companies on the Carbon Underground 200 list

    Oxford’s controversial donors revealed

    Oxford's donors include a firm accused of climate change denial, and a bank fined £235million by a US regulator