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“I am the Chair!”: Emergency Union meeting on fashion show devolves into chaos

The Union’s split surrounding Saturday night’s fashion show and its governance spills further into the open. 

Cherwell’s Top 40 BNOCs

Cherwell News presents the Top 40 BNOCs of Oxford.

Review: Please Clap // 00Productions

'Overall, I very much enjoyed Please Clap. Experimental, and at the same time digging into the solemn secrets of celebrity and humanity, the fakery of the media and the forgery of façades, this was a show to be applauded.'

Creative Pursuits

Drama Oxford student drama is probably pretty different from drama at school — there’s a really exciting atmosphere, you can try new things, and there...

Dick Whittington: not quite the win the National was hoping for

This version attempts to be the Hamilton of pantomimes, incorporating street dance, rap, pop ballads and frequent references to TikTok trends into an otherwise familiar tale.

Backstage takes centre stage: a look behind the scenes

It is at this moment that it becomes obvious just how important backstage is; it can quite simply carry the play or allow it to flop, making the phrase ‘break a leg’ cut a bit close to the bone.

Review: American Buffalo

Frazer Martin reviews 'American Buffalo' at the Pilch.

Rebellion and Art

Picture a circle of people holding hands, dancing around. Nothing particularly remarkable about that, right? Now imagine half of them as skeletons.

Preview: You Are Frogs – ‘toes the line between playfulness and danger’

Practically Peter's production will be at the BT Studio until Saturday.

First Auditions: Getting Involved in Performing Arts at Oxford

What to expect during your first foray into Oxford drama

The Great Wave Review – ‘a complete clash of cultures, identities, and outlooks’

Indhu Rubasingham's revealing production about a dark part of Japanese cultural history is relevant and immensely human

The Flick preview – ‘there’s even going to be popcorn’

Bertie Harrison-Broninski is impressed by this witty and elegiac homage to the silver screen

Protest as performance – Suffragettes take the limelight

Breaking the Fifth Wall festival kickstarts with an illuminating talk

Girls and Boys review – ‘a drama that not only strikes, but leaves us sizzling’ 

Tony Wilkes is wowed by an unexpected trip to see the Royal Court's latest show starring Carey Mulligan

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