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A recovery toolkit to anorexia

"Recovery is confusing - it is not black and white and there is no one who can do it for you. This is where specialist eating disorder services can guide and support you. Recovery is abstract - it is not the same for anyone but that is the beauty of it. ‘Abstract’ is not synonymous with ‘bad’; ‘hope’ is abstract, ‘peace’ is abstract, so too is ‘contentment’."

Oxford’s Failure with Eating Disorders

CW: Detailed descriptions of eating disorders. "At Oxford we socialise through college formals, balls, crew dates, welfare teas and so much more. For those of us who have a history of disordered eating, this can prove pretty anxiety-inducing. Not to mention, with the highly anticipated June 21st rapidly approaching and the social eating that will come with this, the pressure to get the perfect body is more extreme than ever." Jaya Rana discusses the inefficiency of Oxford's support system for students with eating disorders

Beat Society asks University and MPs to increase provision for those with eating disorders

"I implore you, as our elected representatives, to give this health crisis the due time and thought that its seriousness demands. Lives are at stake."

Oxford grad sets up eating disorder peer support group

The initiative, Supporting Male Athletes with Eating Disorders (SMAED), aims to break down the barriers of `toxic masculinity` by providing a network of support for athletes with eating disorders.

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