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    Vessel: In conversation with Grace Olusola

    TW: fatphobia, eating disorders, self-harm. Vessel, the new theatrical anthology from Dawn Productions, examines our relationship with the body and food through episodic fragments....

    Calorific damage

    CW: calories, eating disorders Many will be aware of the public concern which erupted when the government passed legislation making it compulsory for eateries with...

    Calorie labelling is not a miracle cure for obesity, it’s proof that the government has failed those with eating disorders

    Displaying calorie information on menus is a step towards furthering a culture that believes food is the enemy

    The legacy of banana bread: how coronavirus transformed my relationship with food

    It speaks volumes that in the midst of a pandemic, we are still so scared of getting fat.

    Eating disorders – the elephant in the room

    TW/CW: Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders, Trauma This article contains explicit mentions of harmful behaviour.  Please consult the resources under the article if you or anyone you...

    Numbers Review – commendable but difficult to feel nuance

    The play was particularly successful in its exploration of masculinity

    Resisting bodily urges: extreme asceticism in medieval female saints’ lives

    The modern-day 'anorexia memoir' has its origin in the genre of medieval saints' lives

    Managing an eating disorder shouldn’t entail putting my education on hold

    NHS failings mean sufferers are feeling obliged to suspend their studies

    Laura Freeman: “If you are unwell, you have to find the thing that motivates you”

    When Laura Freeman was diagnosed with anorexia, literature saved her sanity. She tells Cara Nicholson that her new book may do the same for others

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