Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    Editorial: Oxford must adopt a no-detriment policy for this year’s finalists

    "It is not unreasonable to expect that students should not be disadvantaged by circumstances wholly beyond their control. That is why the editorial boards of The Oxford Blue, The Oxford Student and Cherwell are calling on the University of Oxford to introduce a fair ‘no-detriment’ policy for finalists."

    Editorial Statement

    We at Cherwell are incredibly excited to begin the next term, whatever it may hold. Preparing for the future necessitates examining our past, and...

    Editorial: we’re on the move

    After 25 years, Cherwell are moving offices from 7 St Aldates


    Inspired by PANTONE's 2016 picks, the editorial for Week 4 Michaelmas 2016 featured swatch-like compositions inspired by our favourite colours of the season.