Thursday, August 5, 2021
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    A cartonn of an anonymous person walking away from a cloud of Student Union hopefuls seeking their vote

    The Undercurrent: Student Union election time!

    One lucky candidate will become our new supreme leader on Thursday night, assuming charge of a groaning bureaucracy that claims to run everything that happens in Oxford while giving off the unnerving impression that it does absolutely nothing

    Police and Crime Commissioner candidates share views on ‘Kill the Bill’

    Police and Crime Commissioner candidates for Thames Valley have published their manifestos for elections on 6 May. Cherwell asked them for their views on...
    Silhouette of an arm putting an envelope into a box.

    How to register to vote in the local elections before the...

    "On 6 May, local elections will be taking place across the UK. ... The deadline for registration is Sunday 19 April."

    How to fix the Oxford Union – from an ex-insider

    In Oxford, no two phrases seem more entangled than “scandal” and “the Oxford Union”. The controversies are seemingly endless. From the words and actions...

    Christ Church JCR position uncontested after hustings ‘challenge’ controversy

    Christ Church's Junior Censor criticised hustings challenges which, she said, "in most cases involve men imposing challenges on women, expecting them to go along with them for the fun".
    The image shows Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky engaging in a debate on the 19th of April 2019. They are in front of a blue background.

    How Ukraine’s comedian-president is reshaping national identity

    What is the future of Ukraine's wary yet hopefully electorate?

    Oxford students run for Council seats

    Popular issues with the young politicians include homelessness, career politics, and local governance

    Italy heads to the polls, and towards political despair

    Despite promises of a new dawn from both left and right, Italy's political landscape looks increasingly uncertain

    Joe Inwood elected new SU President

    The student turnout was 17.6%, a decrease from last year

    Final day of voting in Oxford SU president election

    This year sees a three-way race for the presidency. Turnout currently stands under 20 per cent.