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    The cutback and growth of Britain’s urban hedges

    "There are encouraging signs that point towards the restoration of this fascinatingly ordinary part of British life"

    Our planet is in crisis; can we save it?

    "We are at a crossroads for humanity."

    “State of the Art”: Why the Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities is a Revolutionary Project for the Future of Oxford

    "The Centre has the potential to cement Oxford’s position as the leading destination for humanities not just in the UK, but in the World."

    A Night Under the Stars: Reviewing Enclosure

    The programme for Mostly Moss Productions' Enclosure reads: “In this time of crisis hold each other closer. In community with each other, and with...

    Broad Street: Pedestrianisation in the heart of Oxford

    Broad Street is undergoing a transformative “pedestrianisation”, which will soon enter an 18-month trial period. Aiming to provide more public space for Oxford’s community,...

    The University must come clean

    As a campaign, we believe deeply that the University facilitates greenwashing and extends social license by accepting fossil fuel donations.

    Supermarkets could introduce ‘green labels’ after Oxford research

    Plant-based foods faired better than meat alternatives with vegan sausages shown to have an impact 90% lower than that of their pork counterparts.

    The University must take a look at itself before dishing out trashing fines

    While climate change is at the top of the University's agenda in research and development, the University seems to have little qualms about accepting funds from the world's mega polluters.

    The COP26 coalition: Politicians won’t save us, people will

    "The Global Day of Action, the People’s Summit, and other actions in Glasgow over these two weeks demonstrate the anger and love that empower change."

    COP26 or COP OUT?

    "We can’t help but ask ourselves whether leaders care about leaving a planet behind on which the next generations can live."

    Extra-Terrestrial Environmental Destruction

    Humanity has set its sights on the stars for its future and envisions a new place for itself among the heavens. However, throughout history,...

    A “quiet revolution:” report outlines ongoing sustainability efforts across the University

    "Oxford colleges set their own environmental targets as they are a “semi-independent entity” from the central University."

    Fukushima: Should we reconsider nuclear power?

    The past weeks marked both the 51st Earth Day and the 35th anniversary of the disaster at Chernobyl. There is perhaps no better time to consider the use of nuclear power and the collective, shared responsibility of humans towards the earth. If lessons can be taken from the past, authorities that are willing to put political and economic benefits above environmental impact and human lives must be questioned and held to account. It is important to realise that nuclear power only provides a short-term solution despite its economic attractiveness.

    The Eco-Gender Gap

    "This is creating a self-perpetuating cycle of eco-friendly products being targeted more towards women, thus eco-friendly branding becoming more feminised. The backlash of this is that more environmentally damaging branding is targeted at men". Annie Liddell writes about the gender disparity when it comes to fighting against environmental decline.

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