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Multiple subjects to introduce typed exams

The University has recently confirmed that multiple Preliminary Exams and Finals will be assessed as in-person, computer based exams in 2023/24. These include English,...

UCU votes to end marking and assessments boycott

The UCU has ended its marking boycott, with 60% of members voting in favour of the decision. Markers have been instructed to resume “working...

No students faced disciplinary action for trashing, reflecting limited enforcement of ban

No Oxford students faced disciplinary action, including fines, for post-exam celebrations this academic year, a recent Freedom of Information request revealed.  Since the 1970s, students...

All Geography Prelims candidates allowed to progress to second year amidst marking boycott

In response to the UCU marking boycott, all first-year Geography students whose exams have been affected by the boycott will automatically be allowed to...

All delayed History & Politics students able to graduate after exam boards U-turn

In the latest development regarding the ongoing UCU marking boycott, the History & Politics (HisPol) Exam Board reconvened last week and U-turned on previous...

Some habits die hard: the truth about Oxford’s Coffee Culture

The baristas in Cornmarket Pret know my coffee order on sight. My friends rarely see me without a strong black Americano in hand. You...

Netflix and Scroll: Sound Familiar?

All findings are taken from the 31 responses to a survey that was released early Hilary Vac 2023. Before I begin on my journey, exploring...

Entire cohort of medics forced to resit exam after alleged cheating

Medical students entering their sixth and final year have learned they will all have to resit one of their exams after the Proctors Office was alerted to allegations that some students had cheated. All marks from the examination have been wiped, as the integrity of the examination was called into question

I finished my degree! Now what?

"Honestly, I think I just need a break from making decisions for a while."

Living an exam-‘free’ Trinity

The Biology faculty decided finals in first week made sense, so now I am a free bird without many fellow free finalists to fly...

In-person finals: Ready or not, here they come

My main concern now is, if exams are going to be in-person, how are they going to support us? The faculty has promised that we will have adequate time and means of preparing for our finals that are now in a different format to the one we have prepared for entire two years we have spent at Oxford. Is this task going to fall on individual tutors at each college? If so, not only is this extra work for them, but students may receive different levels of support and exam practice depending on their college. 

What’s all the sub-fusc about?

Zara Arif explores whether Oxford students should continue to wear sub-fusc following a year of online exams.

PPE finalists sign open letter calling for all finals to be open-book

Economics finals will be held in an open-book online format, while politics and philosophy are set to be sat in-person. The signatories say that this discrepancy will disadvantage them, since finalists who matriculated in 2019 will never have sat an in-person exam during their time at Oxford University.

BREAKING: History faculty to hold most finals in-person

Four of the seven final papers will be sat in-person in the Exams School.

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