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The Rise of the Old Money Aesthetic

The trend for looking quietly (but obviously) expensive has found a new muse for the internet age.

Why Oxford’s Fashion Gala was better than the Met’s  

'The line of reporters and photographers asking the same questions to uncomfortable-looking celebrities, who try to recollect why Lagerfeld was in fact their personal hero, makes for tortuous watching.'

Inside the Oxford fashion scene: the Fashion Gala designers

'I spoke to some of the Fashion Gala designers, who told me about their background in the world of fashion and design, their pieces for this year’s gala, and where they find their inspiration.'

The shift towards online thrift: a guide

'It is okay to deliberately buy fast-fashion second-hand since it is already in circulation and will not constitute to financially supporting unethical practices. Honestly, the longer it avoids landfill the better.'

Pleasure in the age of panic

"The idea that we must be damned for our enjoyment marks pleasure, and its opponent, sacrifice, as part of utilitarian philosophy."

Have you Met the King? The Met Gala and the Coronation have more in common than you might think

"Both are controversial for their unapologetic extravagance in a time when the country has the dark cloud of inflation looming over it."

“Buy less, choose well” – the return of the Oxford Fashion Gala

'This Trinity, the Fashion Gala is back, for a reprise on an evening of patchwork, glamour and campiness, all within walking distance of the RadCam.'

‘Cozzie livs’ core: recession fashion trends

'If mankind has established one thing in the recent years of pestilence and political disarray, it is that anything can become a fashion aesthetic.'

Hooked on Hooks? Thoughts on the current crochet craze

"Whether you are a crochet novice or a hardened hooker, here are my top five tips for crocheters."

Dressing for the Job

"We deserve a standardised law that demands equality and consistency in the workplace instead of hoping that employers deign to allow comfortable, practical alternatives to old-fashioned suits and gendered dichotomies."

‘Originality is overrated, but we do it anyway’ Creativity in Cosplay

"There is something freeing in making art which has no commercial value"

The 2023 Golden Globes: A Fashion Analysis

"As the first of the awards shows of the season, the Golden Globes are the perfect opportunity to dress boldly and make a statement."

Luxury in Crisis

"The future looks bleak – but that’s no reason not to make the present a little less unbearable."

Ruminations on Tokyo fashion

"Tokyo and its style have certainly left a deep impression on me"

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