Friday, May 13, 2022
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Disappointing and passionless: The Met Gala 2022 review

Another year has passed, and another year I am unfortunately disappointed by the Met Gala’s red carpet. Ever since the stunning response to the...

Oxford Fashion Gala Review

I am unfortunately unable to commence a review of the Oxford Fashion Gala without confirming that yes, I was the model who fell down...

Summer 2022 Trend Predictions

Shoes - As someone who struggles to walk in anything with a smaller surface area than a block heel, I am pleased to report...

The Afterlife of a Ballgown

Balls! After two years of cancellations, postponements, and miscellaneous Covid-related havoc, ‘tis once more the season to dress up, dance the night away, and...

Battle of the vintage fashion eras

Anna: Y2K Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Y2K fashion is absolutely iconic. From chic slip dresses to not-at-all-chic but absolutely...

“My wardrobe is not the most cohesive”: Exploring non-binary fashion

Naomi Man explores the blurred lines and performative norms of self-expression in non-binary fashion.

Behind the scenes: fashion and photography in Oxford

"A group as sartorially orientated as one named ‘The Oxford Fashion Society’ inevitably attracts those who care about what they wear. Fastidiously dressed, upright, serious-faced characters come in and sit down quickly. Tote bags are removed from shoulders. Sauntering in alongside, generally attired with less panache, are members of the photography society."

Wearing the colour pink

"just as paler pinks bring to mind troubling questions about our femininity and how we express it, brighter pinks can tread a fine line between feminine power and caricature."

The Black Sheep: On Princess Diana’s statement sweaters

Though she is often remembered for her most daring and glamorous looks, especially the infamous Revenge Dress, I find the Princess of Wales’ casual looks featuring statement sweaters even more iconic. Some have described them as ‘grandma sweaters’ or ‘campy’, but it is clear that they remain influential and appreciated in fashion.
An artwork piece of Billie Eilish split down the middle into her two different looks, with a background of different Twitter comments

Billie Eilish and the exhaustion of being a young woman in...

Since Billie Eilish burst onto the pop music scene in 2016 with Ocean Eyes, her voice has reverberated around many a bedroom, club, and...