Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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    The price of Citizenship: The inherent britishness of bureaucracy

    I cannot speak for immigrants everywhere, but an enduring sense of anxiety looming in the back of my mind has been fears of a recalcitrant government revoking residency rights. What would follow would entail deportation to a country I feel rather distant from and would struggle to adjust to.
    An illustration of a weighing scale is surrounded by statistics, against a red background.

    The Prosecutor’s Fallacy: How flawed statistical evidence has been used to...

    CW: Discussion of murder and infanticide, mentions of rape and alcoholism.  On the 24th October 2003, Kathleen Folbigg was sentenced to 40 years in prison...

    A Green Wave of Change: Why Argentina’s landmark abortion law will...

    "Argentina is a country where the Catholic Church has historically held sway, and it forms part of a continent where swathes of women and young girls are ostracised, shunned and even imprisoned for wanting to end their pregnancy."

    Defiance in the face of Danger: Human Rights Activism in Colombia

    The inconvenience caused by having to navigate through the hanging faces as you walk from class to class, serves as a reminder of the mass disruption in the lives of the protesters themselves. Activism should not be easy and in Colombia this is a given.

    Permanent Private Halls: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Marnie Ashbridge demystifies the rumours about life in a PPH and highlights the financial challenges that they are facing without the status of an Oxford college.

    Restrict, Regulate or Educate? Young People and Online Porn

    Mia Sorenti explores the complexities regarding young people and exposure to online pornography. It is likely the majority of us have come into contact with...

    THRIVE OR SURVIVE? Experiences from Year Abroad

    BERLIN - Marte van der Graaf I didn’t want to go on a year abroad at all. I remember telling my mum at the end of...

    Modi’s India: Division Over Democracy

    Demonstrations have been met with harsh police crackdowns and resulted in international outcry; it appears to all that the sanctity of human rights has been cast aside in the world’s largest democracy.

    Anarchy unmasked; Peterloo 200 years on

    Felicity Victoria Graham discusses the 200th anniversary of The Peterloo Massacre and what we could learn from it

    In the Spotlight, at Last

    After a week as Prime Minister, has Boris Johnson set himself up to fail?