Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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    Review: “Half Baked” by Nina Jurković @ North Wall Arts Centre/00Productions

    "'Half Baked' passes the Bechdel test with flying colours. It is truly a feminist triumph and is so refreshing to see an all-female cast on an Oxford stage—something of a rarity, especially in the genre of farce." James Newbery reviews the first live post-Lockdown show in Oxford, "Half Baked" by 00Productions at the North Wall Arts Centre.
    Two girls sit in front of a clothes rail, with white ruffles round their necks, one of them looking at the other

    Review: The Roaring Girl – ‘a ground-breaking proto-feminist piece of theatre’

    With cross-dressing, feminist themes and a feisty soundtrack, The Roaring Girl proves a fifth week delight

    Oxford historian discovers new letter sent by suffragette

    The letter was written in 1905 by Annie Kenney, the first suffragette to be imprisoned in the campaign for the vote

    Let’s Talk About: Everyday Sexism

    Eleanor Harris argues that while everyday sexism is very real, the term itself detracts from the feminist movement as a whole

    A Thinly Veiled Story of A Damsel in Distress

    Francesca Salisbury is surprised and frustrated to find To the Bone filled with unhelpful gender stereotypes

    Home is where the art is: Yu Hong

    Queenie Li explores Chinese feminist Yu Hong’s artwork