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The Duality of Movement in the New Taiwanese Cinema Movement

The entry of Hong Kong cinema to the Taiwanese market in the 1980s brought with it a move to protect homegrown directors and maintain...
The face of a woman.

On the Basis of Sex: battling through a man’s world

Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopic shows how Felicity Jones and feminism can bring a legal drama to life
Four Oxford students. Two in the foreground and two in the background. Surrounded by filmmaking equipment including a microphone and a camera. They are in a small residential street with neutral toned houses.

Student film: ‘notoriously difficult to penetrate’

Oxford’s student filmmakers give their takes on writing workshops, directorial debuts, and getting inside one of the arts’ most difficult industries.
A close-up of a blue eye looking panicked.

Placing society’s margins under the microscope

The psychological and physical decay resulting from drug addiction is tactfully explored in Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece.
A middle-aged man and a teenage boy smile into the camera. The man has his arm around the boy.

Beautiful Boy review: powerful, painful, poignant

Beautiful Boy is unlikely to have an unintentional glamorising effect. We witness the oblivion of being high before the inevitable crash down to a deeper and darker place.
A black and white close-up shot of the face of a man with a woman standing up beside him.

Fast Film: In a Lonely Place unites noir tradition with painfully...

Humphrey Bogart is a man addled by loneliness in this cinematic masterclass of subtlety and allegory.
A boat sits on a river at night and fireflies are dotted around the place.

Film First: a box of tissues are needed for the first...

Director Isao Takahata tugs at the heartstrings until you're bleary-eyed
Lit pumpkin decoration looking over a town in the night

Why The Nightmare Before Christmas is the most underrated Christmas film

The Nightmare Before Christmas says that it is fine to find a holiday dull, or to question the purpose of repeating it every year.
A house-front with baubles and Christmas lights

Festive flicks: the best films to watch at Christmas

Get into the Christmas spirit with a .. Harry Potter marathon
Soldiers go over the front line

Frantz: a wrenching tale of remembrance

The French-German film Frantz, however, has gone unnoticed by many English-speaking viewers, despite being one of the most powerful films released to explore the after-effects of World War I.
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