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Consuming Food

In his 2008 essay ‘On Food’, Mark Grief lamented that eating had become a hobby, “one pastime among others”. Food and the act of...

Two dinner date ideas for people you can’t make up your...

Make your mind up about your chirpse: The Supermarket compatibility challenge This is one you can whip out just...

The Fantasy of Film

Food - whether symbolising power, desire, loss, despair, love, murder or moral, social and political disorder - provides an extensive menu for films. Imogen Harter-Jones explores its symbolic capabilities.

A Meaty Dilemma

In the penultimate episode of his infamous TV show, Who is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen successfully convinced wannabe food critic, Bill Jilla,...

The Ivy Oxford Brasserie review

Immediately upon arrival, it’s clear that The Ivy is ‘running the game’ when it comes to Oxford’s fine dining scene. It’s 6:30 PM...

L’endive au jambon: Northern French and Belgian winter comfort food

Have you heard of the endive? If you know what I’m referring to, or have indeed eaten an endive, you probably saw...

The Importance of Lentils

A delicious recipe for lentil bolognese.

Comfort food of China

When my parents and my older brother arrived at the Los Angeles airport in the spring of 1997, their worth became one-tenth...

Food on Film

Food is an important sensual vehicle used in films.

Playing with food: how meals turn political

Food is more than just a means of sustenance; it can take on significant political and social meaning.
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