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    Scrapping for Survival 

    The scrap for survival in the Premier League is always a thrilling spectacle from the neutral’s perspective, but one with potentially devastating consequences for those involved.

    Men’s Blues are triumphant once again

    For the third year running, the Oxford Blues Men’s Football team claimed a Varsity victory. They were worthy winners and were presented with the trophy by Oxford University Vice Chancellor

    Cambridge comfortably defeat Women’s Blues

    Cambridge women emerged as comfortable Varsity Football victors with a definitive performance against Oxford. For the first time in three years, Oxford did not get the double win.

    Why the USA won’t win the World Cup

    Since their Olympic bronze medal in Tokyo 2020, there have been questions as to whether their long reign at the top is coming to an end.

    “The Best Coaches don’t play.” Does this ring true in the footballing world?

    The player-turned-manager trope is present in all sports, but nowhere is it more heavily scrutinised than in the world of football.

    Looking Ahead to the Women’s World Cup

    "WWC23 promises to be a record-breaking event, in both attendance and viewership"

    Klopp the problem?

    So, is Klopp really at the heart of Liverpool’s rapid decline? The majority of pundits and fans alike have been reluctant throughout the season to point the finger at the manager first and foremost, proposing a variety of other factors as larger contributors. Areas such as the team’s ageing midfield and a loss of form of some of the team’s key men

    A varsity society match like no other; an ACS affair

    'In a game in which the Cambridge side saw bursts of greatness at the very start and end, it was unquestionably Oxford ACS’s deserved victory.'

    I tried out college football last term, you should too

    But if anything, I hope that I showed it is, believe it or not, worth it.

    The palace gates are opened: watching Spain vs Morocco live from Rabat

    The entire city took to the streets in revolutionary fashion. It was a race to Morocco’s Telecom Tower in Hay Riad.

    Oxford, it’s World Cup time!

    "Whether you can list all the winners since 66’ or you just learned today that project Mbappe isn’t the French spinoff of project runway. It can be enjoyed by all."

    Why I’m not watching the World Cup

    If your answer to this is that football is just a game and should not be about politics, then I say that is exactly the point.

    Is a winter World Cup feasible?

    "Hosted in Qatar, this year’s World Cup has been pushed to the winter. Why? Because the average Qatar summer sees temperatures of 40-50 degrees celsius."

    This House would Boycott the Qatar World Cup

    The Oxford Union members warmed up by debating whether "this house would penalise sports teams for their fans’ actions". As this was the second...

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