Saturday, July 31, 2021
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    Student unions could face fines over free speech breaches

    Under the new legislation, new freedom of speech and academic duties would be placed on universities and, for the first time, on student unions. Individuals would be granted a right to seek compensation through the courts if the freedom of speech duties of an institution or student union had been breached.

    Great Thunberg’s Spitting Image Sketch and the Problem with Political Satire

    "Compared to the cutting-edge and culture-shaping Spitting Image of the 80s and 90s, this reboot seems to have taken out its dentures and started sipping the political and environmental crises through a straw."

    Opinion – We need to change the conversation around censorship

    A recent headline warned ‘it’s time for Boris to tackle the tyrannical silencing of free speech on our campuses’. Having not realised I was studying in...

    Explained: Oxford SU ‘Academic Hate Speech’ motion sparks free speech controversy

    The Oxford University Student Union (SU) has condemned “hateful material in mandatory teaching”, after a motion on 'Academic Hate Speech' passed in Student Council...

    Emails reveal Government ministers “losing patience” over freedom of speech issues

    Oxford University’s public condemnation of UNWomen Oxford UK Society’s decision to 'no-platform' Amber Rudd came after communication with the Department of Education and internal...

    JCR Presidents criticize Oxford’s response to Amber Rudd ‘no-platforming’

    The Committee of Oxford College JCR Presidents (PresCom) has published an Open Letter expressing their “disappointment and deep concerns" with the University of Oxford's...

    Bodyguards for TERF professor

    An Oxford professor has been provided security by the University over fears she may face physical violence and intimidation from trans rights activists. Selina...

    Debating Matters championship held at Oxford Union

    Last week the Oxford Union played host to the Oxfordshire finals of the Debating Matters championship. The competition for sixth-form students took place as part of...

    Interview: David Aaronovitch

    "The people’s whose future depends on this question are overwhelmingly against the thing we have decided for their future. That’s a problem."

    Polarising the free speech debate

    The question of who deserves our attention does not allow us easy answers.