Friday, January 15, 2021
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    A refreshing debut: freshers’ Michaelmas sporting experiences (part 2)

    "In lots of ways, I was reluctant to join the Keble football team – I hadn’t touched a ball in a year so subsequently I had poor cardio and the flexibility of an old man."

    A refreshing debut: freshers’ Michaelmas sporting experiences (part 1)

    "Unfortunately, the traditional crewdate could not take place; I am still yet to experience such an event but, when I do, I am sure that my shoes will see some drinking action."

    Freshers’ Flu – Why My Mum Invented COVID

    "Two cultures, both alike in dignity In times of (un)fair Corona, where we lay our scene From ancient tradition one plans to be set free where alcohol makes the liver unclean From forth the fatal minds of these two foes Parents worry they'll lose the apple of their eye; with misadventures and revealing clothes Do with Fresher's Week her dignity will die."

    Freshers, Friends, and Feuds: The Instagram world of Oxford offer holders

    There's a new Instagram account making waves: @OxfordUniFreshers2020. The account posts submissions from Oxford offer holders, so incoming freshers can introduce themselves and get...

    Fresher fashion – the conflict between comfort, identity and productivity

    A nervous incoming fresher in early October, I can remember trawling through Oxford student articles desperate for fashion do’s and don’ts before I packed the world’s...

    Finding friends: what’s the hurry?

    We talk about the rat race: the fiercely competitive struggle for success, the unrelenting battle we rage against our peers to come out on top. But...

    UCAS promotes high-interest loans to desperate students

    Future Finance loans can result in students repaying more than three times the original amount of their loan over a decade, regardless of their earnings.

    Dozens join “uncomfortable” Alternative Open Day Tour

    "Young people are angry at the apathy of those in power towards the climate crisis. Oxford owes its prospective students a reformed attitude towards the future," one organiser said.

    Entry requirements are an arbitrary measure

    Oxford needs to look at more than just grades

    Bop ’til you drop!

    Cheaper, easier and all-round better than a night out, Bops are an iconic part of Oxford life