Friday, November 27, 2020
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    Toxic mask-ulinity: What COVID-19 tells us about the cult of the...

    "How has a public health measure become a point of gender expression?"


    Lying down like an upset wine bottle, smeared across the floor

    Men more likely to travel during lockdown, says Oxford study

    The Oxford COVID-19 Impact monitor has found that men in the UK have moved more than their female counterparts in every age...

    Are we blind to the need for blind casting?

    Perhaps the biggest debate surrounding ‘gender-blind and colour-blind’ casting (with which actors are cast regardless of the traditional race/gender of their role)...

    Queer Theory

    As we go into LGBT+ History Month, many figures throughout history - modern or not - are looked upon and celebrated, and...

    BRITs come in last place for gender equality

    The 40th edition of the BRIT Awards is fast approaching, and with it, concerns over the lack of female nominees in mixed-gender...

    Mertonian U-Turn: college changes its policy on trans intersectionality

    Merton college has made a substantial U-Turn on its policy surrounding an upcoming discussion of “Perspectives on trans intersectionality”.

    Kiss My Genders – Celebrating identity with the Hayward Gallery

    The Hayward Gallery's huge curation 'Kiss my Genders' attempts to unite over thirty artists from the LGBTQ+ community in a celebration of gender identity and fluidity. Charlotte Hall gathers her impressions of the exhibitions - how effective is it at breaking down stereotypes and prejudice?

    Driven to Tears

    “I’d thought being a ‘lad’ was what you had to do in this day and age. But I hated what it made me”

    Gender roles impact men’s mental health

    We must deconstruct unspoken gender norms