Friday, March 5, 2021
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    Graduate expectations continue to fall despite COVID-19 vaccine

    "The earning potential of new graduates fell from £27,000 at the beginning of 2020 to £25,980."

    Oxford to use socioeconomic data for DPhil applicants in graduate access...

    Oxford will consider socioeconomic data in PhD applicants, as the University looks to improve access to postgraduate courses. Tutors across departments use contextual data...

    Is University really worth it?

    Should the ‘crackdown’ on degrees filter out 'unworthy' courses and universities and ensure that young people are not being mis-sold degrees at £9250 a year when another route would serve them best?

    Oxbridge degrees less advantageous for women than men, study finds

    The study suggests women are more likely to be judged based on their personality than men

    Imperial grads earn a fifth more than those from Oxbridge

    Cambridge ranked fifth in the study, earning on average £1000 less.

    Graduate rent to increase by almost six per cent

    The University’s Property Management Sub-Committee voted to raise rents for all graduate accommodation

    Oxford’s ethnic minority graduates have higher starting salaries, new study finds

    Research finds that ethnic-minority Oxford graduates earn more than their white classmates and that social background doesn't impact Oxford graduate career prospects

    Oxford University is a risky investment

    Michael Shao debates whether he would add the University of Oxford to his hypothetical portfolio of investments

    Toxic mould forces student to leave St Antony’s accommodation

    State of St Antony's accommodation is health threatening, student claims

    Wealthy backgrounds lead to higher graduate earnings

    Study reveals earning prospects are still determined by background, gender, institution and course of study