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University adapts graduation policy in wake of objections

The University has today reversed its decision to confer all degrees in absentia, offering students that were due to graduate in May...

Lady Pat. R. Honising – First, Blue, or Spouse?

"A first unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight, honey."

Lady Pat. R. Honising – Coping with Graduation

Dear Agony Aunt, I’ll confess, this letter is a tiny bit fraudulent. I’ve noticed how much of a great...

Graduations delayed as women told to cover up

At one single graduation ceremony, ten women were turned away for not wearing socks

Former student graduates 76 years after completing degree

The 95 year-old finished his Modern History degree in 1942

Letter to: Graduation Anxiety

As exams begin to finish, it's time to talk about what comes next

Mortarboards deemed too dangerous to throw

Mortarboards to be photoshopped in at UEA after injury concerns