Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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    Prometheus Unbound – An ancient tragedy in open air performance

    "This performance breathed a fresh, modern dynamic to an otherwise static play". Phoebe Athena Hennell explores the implications of language in a Modern Greek performance of Aeschylus' ancient tragedy 'Prometheus Bound'. With contributions from Andreas Janssen.

    Medea Review – ‘vengeful, manipulative, and captivating’

    More than just a play: 'Medea' reminds us why we go to the theatre

    Lysistrata Review – ‘some over-directing vitiates a few performances’

    Katie Sayer's anticipation of Oriel Classics Society's interpretation of a bizarre Greek comedy turns out to be a tragedy

    Ignore the naysayers, opera is for everyone

    Many have dismissed opera as unaffordable and elitist – they are missing out, writes Jack Pepper