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The how-to guide to Hilary: How to live your main character life

You may not have noticed, but they happen to be filming a movie in Oxford at the moment.  I remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

The how-to guide to Hilary: How to tell if you are a typical rower (and what to do about It)

Do you constantly complain about the number of frankly appalling blisters you have on your hands? Frequently whine about how you just have to...

The Map to Happiness: Hilary Term and The Atlas of Happiness

I realised I slipped slowly into equating “productivity and achievement” with “happiness”, but in actual fact, there was so much more to it than that.

Laali Vadlamani wins Union Presidency for Hilary 2018

Particularly low turnout election sees Vadlamani win with 496 first preference votes

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