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    The cutback and growth of Britain’s urban hedges

    "There are encouraging signs that point towards the restoration of this fascinatingly ordinary part of British life"

    UK’s first professor of LGBTQ+ history appointed at Mansfield College

    The UK's first professor of LGBTQ+ history has been appointed by Mansfield College. Renowned historian, Professor Matt Cook, will become the first Jonathan Cooper...

    The Monarchy: An Embodiment of Britishness?

    "The survival of the monarchy is a testament to the moderation that characterises British political history, perhaps our greatest and most distinctive achievement."

    The Perfect Tory? Rishi Sunak’s tutors reveal his student persona

    Breaking news: Sunak hasn’t changed much. It’s the late nineties, Lincoln College is awaiting the arrival of an earnest, economically and socially conservative PPEist....

    The future of History documentaries and what does their decline mean for us? 

    Television has become an endless stream of reality TV, drama and sport. These categories make up the top ten television programmes viewed in 2019,...

    Babel, or the Beauty of Multilingualism

    Emerald Ace-Acquah reflects on the complexities of language, colonisation, and power, as explored in R. F. Kuang's new novel.

    Preserved in blue and white: Sarah Cooper

    "The idea of writing a column about a breakfast condiment may seem fanciful, but this particular marmalade does have a genuine place in British culture."

    Jashn-e-Riwaj and linguistic myopia

    "There is, then, a truly outrageous hypocrisy in criticising companies for choosing Urdu names and in the same breath making daily use of Arabic and Persian vocabulary loaned into Hindustani."

    The perils of historical comparison and the dangerous origins of Putin’s ideology

    "Historical comparisons can reveal potential outcomes yet no hard facts."

    Mansfield College creates Oxford’s first LGBTQ+ History professorship

    Oxford University’s first professorship in LGBTQ+ History will be created at Mansfield College following an endowment of £4.9m.

    Pythagoras’ Nightmare: Reincarnation, Coldplay and the Music of the Spheres

    Don’t get me wrong. The album is upbeat, cheerful, maddeningly optimistic and, at least intermittently, catchy for most of us mortals. But something tells me it’s not quite the empyreal sound Pythagoras would have had in mind.

    Hindi and Urdu: A language divided, or a shared history destroyed?

    CW: Violence I was in Tesco last week, looking at the tomatoes. A man to my right commented on the ripeness of the peppers. I...

    Time to take responsibility: All Souls’ dirty legacies

    "Out-of-date relics of elitism like All Souls hold a responsibility to do more than the bare minimum. But since pandemic rules paved the way for justifiable closing down, one cannot help but feel it is convenient for the College to keep these legacies hidden behind locked doors."

    Cis-piscion and the difficulties of ‘identifying’ ancient transgender figures

    "The Classical world remains one that was intensely interested in gender."

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