Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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    O Cypris

    'O Cypris! I must rank among those who seek your nectar.'

    Debating the Preservation of Cultural Infrastructures: the Example of Tolkien’s Property

    Fans of J.R. Tolkien have been troubled by the prospects of having Tolkien’s home sold to private buyers. Should it go on the market...

    History Faculty will not extend thesis deadlines

    The deadline for students to submit their thesis remains Friday of Week 8 Hilary Term.

    Going Viral: Religion and the Pandemic

    Pandemics are nothing new, but we now live in a technological age - a globalised world where people and information travel further and faster...

    Making Queer Cinema history: Victim (1961)

    "‘Victim’ illuminates an important moment in the history of LGBTQ+ rights, primarily in normalising the existence of homosexuality and encouraging empathy."

    The American Story, Part One: The Founding

    "More pertinently, America’s slave-owning ‘fathers’ understood ‘freedom’ because they denied it to others.... Slave-holder Thomas Jefferson was qualified to write the Declaration of Independence, in part, because it was he who understood ‘freedom’ and its denial best."

    Cherwell Recommends: Historical Fiction

    "This week’s recommendations each represent a unique “texture of lived experience” to perfection, proving that historical fiction is a genre full of excitement and experimentation, and one that also demands to be taken seriously."

    Fact and Fiction: Where Should the Boundary Lie?

    Novels, TV shows, films. They are a form of art. And in art there is no wrong answer. Yet this becomes more complex for historical...

    Classics for the 21st Century: The Importance of Reception Studies

    For those who study Classics, the question that begins many conversations in your first year of an undergraduate degree, “What do you study?”, can...

    Personal History

    You want to understand how someone could be two people. Why you failed to recognise it at the time.