Thursday, February 25, 2021
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    Entitled to return?

    Forget it , says Colleen Cumbers In 2015, Shamima Begum chose to leave the UK to join the Islamic State. From that moment, she became a traitor to...

    Oriel take headships in truncated Torpids

    The women's boat successfully rowed over, while the men bumped Pembroke in front of their opponents' boathouse

    Weather conditions force cancellation of Torpids day two

    The senior umpires said they "cannot remember conditions as bad as this"

    The hawks take flight over Syria

    Gavin Fleming reflects on Trump's Syrian airstrikes and the imperative of avoiding conflict with Russia

    A night at the clubs: Hypnotize

    James Lamming is put in a trance by the Isis' budget-friendly club night