Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Tag: islamophobia

Jashn-e-Riwaj and linguistic myopia

"There is, then, a truly outrageous hypocrisy in criticising companies for choosing Urdu names and in the same breath making daily use of Arabic and Persian vocabulary loaned into Hindustani."

Fringe or frontrunner? Eric Zemmour’s French Presidential candidacy explained

"Zemmour’s political ideologies is one of division, intolerance and discrimination, and his mere candidacy is a testimony of France’s fragile political landscape and its descent into populist demagogy."

Former Nuffield fellow Noah Carl expelled from Cambridge

The investigation found that "Dr Carl had collaborated with a number of individuals who were known to hold extremist views"

Teenage boys arrested over neo-Nazi graffiti in Headington

"Reassuring (to an extent) that organised Far Right extremism is not behind the incident. Oxford will go on being watchful for such extremism. Deeply worrying that children would do this.”

Our toxically Islamophobic culture is to blame for the Christchurch attack

The shooting in Christchurch is far from an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of broken and bigoted social structures.