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Music: In Isolation but not Isolated

Anna Gunstone reflects on how listening to music can remain a communal experience even in isolation.

“Clue” as a Chamber Piece for Our Time

I’ve only been away from Oxford for a week. I’ve only spent a week in isolation at home...

Dramatics in Isolation: The Nightly Met Opera Streams Reviewed

On the 13th of March, the Met Opera’s Twitter announced that they would begin a series of ‘nightly live streams’ of beloved operas for...

A Nation Under Siege

Darius Parvizi-Wayne spent three weeks in lockdown at the end of his five month stay in Italy. Here he recalls the empty streets with a mixture of verse and visuals.

Culture and isolation: the silver linings

I’ve found myself – an English undergraduate – reading for fun again.

Is the coronavirus killing culture?

Arts and culture, sectors which have already faced significant funding cuts, may have to adapt to a new normal if we are to welcome them back to our stages, screens, and books.

‘and all manner of things shall be well’

Jack Glynne-Jones explores how T.S. Eliot provides solace in periods of stress

Lets talk about: Loneliness

I’m in a room full of people, of friends even, music is blasting out of a speaker; Lukas Graham’s ‘7 Years’ starts playing. Tom,...