Friday, September 17, 2021
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    Oxford University criticised for its tracking of Israel’s vaccine delivery

    "With the ongoing devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the impending hope for a better future in sight, it is more crucial than ever for scientists and policy makers to accurately track and follow vaccination coverage."

    The Next Giant Leap

    "Developing nations just simply have seldom attempted things like this before, but these programs would be a good chance to set up governmental, industrial, and academic infrastructure that would place them at the frontier of development in space." Harry Chapman argues that the outlook for Thailand's new lunar programme is anything but negative and why developing nations participating in space exploration might be a better idea than it seems.

    Oxford archaeologists help achieve access to satellite images of Israel and...

    Two Oxford archaeologists have contributed to the declassification of satellite images of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with "huge implications" for visual access...

    The long read: the politics of Eurovision 2019

    This year's Eurovision was filled with political controversy over the failed boycott, held due to the competition being hosted in Israel.

    Netanyahu’s immortal government

    What Netanyahu's fifth election victory tells us about Israeli democracy

    Students hold emergency vigil to honour Palestinians killed in protests

    Over 100 students and residents observed the vigil, which fell on the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian exodus of 1948

    Oxford MP calls on government to recognise Palestine

    Layla Moran, who is the first British MP to be of Palestinian descent, told Parliament: "In between Hamas and a very extreme Israeli prime minister, we have the blood of children."

    Societies condemn platform for Israeli politician

    The Oxford Israel Forum, the PPE society, and the International Relations Society defended their decision to host of the speaker

    NUS Vice-President cleared of Malia coup attempt claims

    Internal inquiry clears Richard Brooks of attempting to oust President with help of Israeli embassy

    Jewish Society criticises ORF speakers for alleged ties to anti-Semitism

    Speakers at the Oxford Radical Forum (ORF), including controversial NUS President Malia Bouattia, have been condemned by Oxford University Jewish Society (OUJS) for alleged...