Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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    Christ Church JCR candidate steps down after George Floyd comments, college...

    A Christ Church JCR candidate has linked the protests after the death of George Floyd with "flour shortage", in JCR minutes seen by Cherwell....

    Motion banning student-staff relationships spreads across JCRs

    A motion banning relationships between staff members and any students over whom they have responsibility is being discussed in many JCRs. The motion states that such...

    JCR Presidents criticize Oxford’s response to Amber Rudd ‘no-platforming’

    The Committee of Oxford College JCR Presidents (PresCom) has published an Open Letter expressing their “disappointment and deep concerns" with the University of Oxford's...

    Christ Church JCR position uncontested after hustings ‘challenge’ controversy

    Christ Church's Junior Censor criticised hustings challenges which, she said, "in most cases involve men imposing challenges on women, expecting them to go along with them for the fun".

    Trinity JCR rejects Plush accessibility donation

    Christ Church also voted down a motion to donate to the #PlushForAll campaign last week.

    Corpus JCR motion proposes to declare war on MCR

    "The mortal enemy of this JCR is our counterpart MCR, and there shall be no peace until the MCR surrenders and pays appropriate reparations," the motion read.

    Lady Margaret Hall JCR plans ambitious constitutional reforms

    The proposed reforms will go to a vote of members on Sunday

    An Unexpected Visitor Review – ‘performed in a unique space but...

    The setting of Mercury Theatre Productions' newly written play is impressive but the writing requires reworking.

    Meet the Parents: College Families Explained

    Bizarre but brilliant- who are these 'college parents' and why are they writing letters to you?

    Univ JCR votes against motion to limit ‘reckless’ spending

    A member of the JCR executive explained: “The point [of the motion] is making people aware that they have responsibility when they get specific allocations from the JCR."