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    Haute Kosher: To life, l’chaim

    "We must not live in fear; we must live so vibrantly that if we are taken again, we will have left our mark, so that even after our death, we will live."

    Haute Kosher: Love (of Jewish holidays) in the time of Covid

    Holidays are the punctuation of our lives; they come around every year with comforting regularity, providing an opportunity for rest, reflection, and celebration. Our experience of Jewish holidays since the pandemic arrived may not have been quite the same as usual, but nonetheless amid the grinding monotony of Covid-era life they have functioned as small pockets of joy.

    Haute Kosher: meditations on chicken soup

    During the pandemic, some of us have come to measure out our lives in Friday night dinners and matzah balls...surrounded by the people that we love, chicken soup sits at the heart of the little sanctuary in the week that Friday night dinner represents.

    Vigil held to commemorate victims of Pittsburgh synagogue attack

    A multi-faith crowd gathered Radcliffe Square last night to commemorate the victims of last weekend's mass shooting

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