Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    Review: Life of Galileo

    Didactic elements of Brecht's biographical play are highlighted by Velvet Vest Productions.

    Preview: Life Of Galileo

    Ben Beese preview's Life of Galileo

    Call to Science: Brecht’s Life of Gaileo

    Brecht's Life Of Galileo brings scientific revolution to the Keble O'Reilly.

    Romeo and Juliet – Preview

    A close cast and crew underline the generational aspects of Shakespeare's tale of conflict, all in a female offenders unit

    Medea Review – ‘vengeful, manipulative, and captivating’

    More than just a play: 'Medea' reminds us why we go to the theatre

    Best of Hilary Theatre

    Cherwell contributors reflect upon the best student theatre of Hilary Term.

    The Cherry Orchard review – ‘poignant moments underscored by fantastic music’

    Cesca Echlin enjoys a production that picks apart class and generation divides

    Preview: A Clockwork Orange

    Olivia Cormack is delightfully disturbed by a preview that leaves her wanting more