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Exclusive: Politics Faculty refuse to record ‘Politically Sensitive’ China lectures

For the last two years the Faculty of Politics and International Relations has not recorded lectures titled “Is China a Democracy?” and “On...

University releases plans for remote teaching in Michaelmas

The Oxford University Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has released detailed plans for remote teaching in the 2020/21 academic year. Cherwell has summarised what you...

‘Oxford at Home’ lecture series launched by University

Last Friday, the University of Oxford launched ‘Oxford at Home’, a series of online ‘tutorial’-style livestreams open to the public.  Tutorials, the main teaching style...

How to: Lecture Note-taking

Scribbler or studyblr? Here are our strategies for effective note-taking.

Fear, frustration and self-loathing: welcome to an Oxford lecture theatre

Daniel Curtis takes a socially-awkward look at the perils of the contact hours in the humanities

One thing I’d change about Oxford… Lectures

Safa Dar would change the mismatch between lectures and tutorial topics

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