Friday, May 14, 2021
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    Tag: lib dems

    Oxford MP calls for inquiry into voter suppression of EU citizens

    Moran wrote: “We find it deeply concerning that the Government appears to have taken no action to stop such serious disenfranchisement from occurring."

    Council fly LGBTQ+ Flag for Oxford Pride

    In previous years, Conservative Councillors had reportedly stopped the flying of the flag above the Chambers.

    The untold story of an austerity town

    Fred Dimbleby discusses the impact of local government cuts on his pretty hometown of Eastbourne

    Only the Liberal Democrats can stop a Tory majority

    With Corbyn’s Labour weak and divided, the nation must turn to the Liberal Democrats for an effective opposition

    Labour see gains in Oxford City Council elections

    Consolidating their hold on the Oxford City Council, Labour won 18 of 24 contested seats in Thursday's elections