Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Hair today, gone tomorrow

    It surprises me that the length of a woman’s hair can affect how she is treated by others, whether she is treated as a girl or a woman.

    Not driving home for Christmas

    I realised ... I was forging my own traditions in this city day-by-day

    A novel experience: managing the pressures of productivity in a pandemic

    My pandemic summer was spent staring at a computer, but these were a startlingly productive and educational few months and, as with most exciting things in my unexciting life, it starts with a blank page.

    Not particularly fusced: reflections on a first term

    Surely having that moment to celebrate and realise that “yes, I made it to f*cking Oxford during a worldwide crisis” seems quite affirming and in line with the Government’s message of being able to have a ‘proper University experience™’, whatever that means.


    like landmines or arms holding someone they love

    The Kitchen as a Political Space

    Men tend to ‘enter into’ the kitchen whereas women are understood to be already there.

    Ode to a Waitress

    ‘I’d rather be doing anything, anything than this shit’, falls out between hysterical bouts of sobs – my Mum didn’t sign up for this....

    Editors’ picks – Life and Culture in the Time of Covid-19

    Our CultCher and Life section editors have pooled their wide-ranging knowledge and have produced their picks for shows, albums, movies, books and lifestyle ideas...

    I’m Still Standing: Why Final Year is the Best

    At the end of Trinity last year, I honestly thought that second year was as good as it got. I had a good second...

    The Unscheduled Life of a History Student

    I round the corner. The door is in sight. I make awkward eye contact with the person coming the other way down the path...