Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Tag: literary criticism

A swing of the pendulum: the horror literature that’s making its...

"Modern academics are reexamining genre fiction, helped by a number of critical movements breaking down literary elitism, and there’s a world of horror which is intelligent, complex and, most importantly, terrifying."

The power of perspective: how the narrative lens can transform a...

"The authority of the white and male point of view is undermined when voices that have been silenced for so long are finally given the opportunity to speak out, and to tell the story anew. This process of re-reading applies, perhaps most crucially, to history itself."

Queer Theory

As we go into LGBT+ History Month, many figures throughout history - modern or not - are looked upon and celebrated, and rightly so....

Life Divided: bops

Eloise Heath and Charles Pidgeon provide contrasting literary criticisms of bops