Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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    Judging books by their covers?

    When browsing the shelves of a bookshop, what I am most drawn to is art. I hunt for the brightest colour, the most striking typography, a good-looking image with which to decorate my bedside table. Book covers can use their beauty to their advantage, or even as a form of rebellion.

    Fantasy: medieval European influences and alternatives

    Faeries, elves, centaurs, wizards, dragons. In its purest form, fantasy is one of the most ancient literary genres, and fantastical elements can be found...

    Intermedial connections: Reimagining music in literature

    "One of my favourite parts of Chinua Achebe’s masterpiece, Things Fall Apart, is a ferociously intense public wrestling scene. It buzzes with an ever-moving pulse, choreographed by the beating of drums. They rise with the intensity of the fighting, and older men 'remembered the days when they wrestled to its intoxicating rhythm.'" Jimmy Brewer explores how Kerouac, Proust and Achebe capture the experience of live music in their works.

    Student Profile: Luke Bateman

    Joining this zoom call, Luke is sat in his childhood bedroom with a bookcase overflowing in the background. Luke immediately starts chatting and smiling,...

    Poetic politics: artistic responses to sexual harassment

    Art personalises and humanises the cold calculated figures, gives a face and a story to the numbers we are so used to seeing.

    No neutrality in another tongue: translation and the ethos of cultural...

    Nowadays, most people think of translation as an impartial, disinterested profession of fluent polyglots. Its history shows otherwise. In 1915, the renowned American poet...

    The Mechanicanon: AI and Literary Value

    this new canon shall – by learning to load and fire itself – exile us from even counting as its projectile or target

    It was All a Dream: Escapism and Falling Down the Rabbit...

    Dreams seem to straddle this boundary between fiction and reality, often informed by real life or perhaps made to help us cope with it.

    Thirsting for a heatwave

    "In the end, the same heatwave can inspire lewd lyrics or thoughts of doom and global warming."

    Hooks and Hardbacks: a summer music reading list

    For the music obsessives among us, the pieces of literature that stick longest in our minds are overwhelming those which take music itself as a subject....