Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Oxford Chancellor criticises campaigns to remove Rhodes statue as ‘hypocrisy’

    Oxford University Chancellor, Lord Chris Patten, has labelled calls to “throw the Rhodes statue in the Thames” as “hypocrisy”, because the Rhodes Trust funds...

    Chancellor condemns “fascistic” safe spaces

    Lord Patten calls safe-spaces and no-platforming "fundamentally offensive"

    King of Spain tours Oxford during state visit

    Felipe VI chose to end his state visit with a topical speech at the Bodleian Library

    Lord Patten condemns Brexit immigration plans

    The Chancellor of Oxford University has called on the government to stop treating foreign students as “economic migrants”

    Oxford Chancellor criticises “ham-fisted” Higher Education bill

    Lord Patten joins House of Lords revolt over bill which opponents claim risks the “marketisation” of university sector

    Sajid Javid “should have been out on his ear”, says Lord...

    Oxford University Chancellor defends "the rule of law" and the right of the High Court to rule on Brexit, after Sajid Javid's comments on Thursday