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Matriculation ceremony cancelled for Michaelmas 2020

In-person matriculation has been cancelled for the 2020-21 academic year, Oxford University has confirmed to students. It will be replaced with a...

Matriculation: Everything you need to know

From sub fusc to punting - matriculation should be a day to remember

First Year

Being a fresher is full of variety

Life Divided: Matriculation

Rachel Craig-McFeely and Anna Elliott discuss the highs and lows of Matriculation

Torpids, trashings, and other traditions

Mia Millman discusses strange Oxford traditions and how they impact students and outreach

University plans to replace matriculation with online registration

Senior college sources suggest academic staff unhappy about the proposals

Students protest with red ribbons at matriculation

RMF and Free Education Oxford join in protest against “neoliberalisation and coloniality”

Trinity freshers drunk and chanting during matriculation

First-years asked to donate £10 following “disgraceful behaviour” during ceremony