Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    Two Poems

    "The memory is hazy, the photographic still of the memory I keep in my head, more so."

    An Illustration of Human Memory with Inside Out

    "How accurate is this depiction of memory? It turns out Inside Out is a lot more reliable than you might think."

    It is the light

    "It is the light/That engulfs me/Its fingers of dust waltzing ever so softly"


    'snippets of shared secrets, tied to a half forgotten memory'

    Beyond the window

    Fated to be caught perpetually behind the window, always waiting for that elusive tomorrow.

    Dispatches: A meeting of minds, memories, and bad wine

    Jem Bosatta explores a connection between memory and the senses

    Losing our memories and our selves

    Carolina Earle explores the impact of dementia and the importance of our memories on our selves