Friday, July 30, 2021
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    Tag: mental illness

    Ava Max’s ‘Crazy Ex’: smashing or bolstering hetero-normative stereotypes surrounding women...

    "The persona that Max cultivates in these three videos is so overdone that it could be a cynical deconstruction of the ‘crazy’ stereotype, rather than a reinforcement of it. However, could the effect ultimately just be a reproduction of old misogynist tropes, changing nothing and possibly even fuelling the faithful old fire of patriarchy?"

    The fractured mind, literature, and society.

    “I felt the narrowing of my life to a very fine point. A hard triangle of a life over and me sprawled at its peak, hopeless and lost.” - Russell Brand, describing a mental breakdown.

    Talk Matters

    The way we manage, normalise and talk about mental illness needs to change in order to benefit those who experience it

    PTSD rewrote me

    Izzy Smith reflects on the way in which PTSD affects her life and her identity

    Of Dogs, Doughnuts and Depression – 4

    Nathan Chan redefines success and revels in smaller achievements

    Of Dogs, Doughnuts and Depression – 3

    Fighting depression and a small plastic box

    Of Dogs, Doughnuts and Depression – 2

    This week Nathan deals with dog poo and reflects on a hospital visit.