Sunday, March 7, 2021
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    Shadows of Troy: Tragedies of the Trojan War reimagined

    Shadows of Troy is a bold new adaptation of two giants of ancient theatre - Sophocles’ Ajax, and Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis. It presents the two...

    Review: Malcolm The Miserable

    Ottilie Mitchell reviews new play Malcolm The Miserable at the BT studio.

    Review: Oxford Contemporary Opera Festival

    Clementine Scott is impressed by the Oxford Contemporary Opera Festival at Saint Hilda's.

    Review: The Mine Hatch

    Tatiana Gilfillan is moved and impressed by new play 'The Mine Hatch'.

    Preview: Martlets

    New play commemorating forty years of women being admitted to Worcester College is full of joy, wit and sharp writing.

    Interview: ‘How To Use A Washing Machine’

    In the cosy nook of an Oxford hostelry is where Georgie Botham and Joe Davies brainstormed into existence ‘How To Use A Washing Machine’. Little did they know, in Oxford in 2018, that their newly penned and composed musical would also then progress to a national tour. Imogen Harter-Jones interviews them to find out about their experience.
    A black and white image of a group of four people casually sitting against a garage door

    Staging Invisibility

    The writer of Week Seven's Hustlers at the BT discusses the concept of the hustler and diversity in theatre

    Review: I punched a Nazi (((and i liked it))) – ‘Brechtian...

    I found out I wasn’t going to be allowed to punch a Nazi
    A poster for the OUDS New Writing Festival 2019

    OUDS New Writing Festival 2019 – A Roundup

    A summary by their writers of the plays which are part of this year's OUDS New Writing Festival.

    The Lady’s Mad Review – ‘a triumph’

    Paul Nash is captivated by Thistledown Theatre's production of Rebekah King's new play.