Monday, May 16, 2022
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Rethinking the Oscars

With cinemas closed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that many typical filmgoers haven’t seen the nominated films this year. However, as...
Two birds in the Korean DMZ

Review: Diary of a Murderer and Other Stories by Kim Young-Ha

‘It’s been twenty-five years since I last murdered someone, or has it been twenty-six?’ A serial killer suffering from Alzheimer’s attempts to protect his daughter...

The 2020 Oscars: Fashion with a Voice

The 2020 Oscars was a night in which history was made, with Parasite being the first foreign-language film to win Best Picture, and the animated short...

Lose Yourself: A Sign of the Times

If you want to feel the sensation of your skin crawling, watching Eminem’s unexpected performance of ‘Lose Yourself’ at the Oscars should certainly do...
A series of gold Oscar statues on display.

The year of the underdog: will outsider nominees come out on...

Awards season is well and truly upon us. After last week’s BAFTAs and Grammy awards, it is inevitably time for the Oscars, the Big...

Lady Bird paints a perfect picture of female adolescence

Exploring Greta Gerwig’s stunning directorial debut

Predicting the most unpredictable Oscars ceremony in years

The 90th Academy Awards features an incredible list of nominees, which makes it nearly impossible to argue what should or will win...

Judge representative films on merit not just diversity

The films of women and POC must be judged meritocratically and not just for their representation

Imagining Idris Elba

How the film industry is failing black actors

Blockbuster bust-up?

This might be the year when mainstream movies shake up awards season