Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Fitness, fans and focus: OURFC prepare for The Varsity Matches on...

"It has been the case for every other sports club in the university that this has been a strange and difficult academic year, but OURFC have the chance to cap it all off with two wins over the Tabs in front of a crowd of dark blue in Leicester. "

Life as a rugby blue: from the Varsity Match to a...

Tell us about yourself: where you’re from, what subject you’re doing, and how you got into rugby? I'm Jasper, a second year physicist at Oriel,...

OURFC find success in first week

The Dark Blues have begun the term well, with wins against Croatia for the men, and Bath for the women.

OURFC fourth in world university invitational tournament in Tokyo

The Dark Blues headed to Japan, while the Women's Blues spent preseason in Gibraltar.

Ed David named OURFC Blues captain for 2019

David will be captain for the forthcoming 2019 Varsity campaign