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Thursday, June 23, 2022

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Oxford and Southhampton Universities begin search for volunteers for COVID-19 pill trials

Oxford and Southampton universities are looking for volunteers to trial Molnupiravir, a potential treatment for COVID-19. The trial is being led by Oxford’s Nuffield...

A nuclear-fusion future looms closer than ever

In the wake of a series of recent experiments, European scientists are now closer than ever to recreating nuclear fusion, which powers the Sun...

Oxford study reveals COVID-19 can cause memory loss

Researchers from Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology and Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences have revealed that people who have had mild symptoms of COVID-19 can show ‘degraded attention and memory for up to 6-9 months’.

Oxford researchers to lead 4-day work week trials

After a year that has seen skyrocketing numbers of resignations, the surging popularity of working from home, and corporate rethinks during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are scrambling to hold onto talent and avert the worst of the so-called Great Resignation. 

Oxford’s economic impact: More than an academic cash cow?

"Initially it seems shockingly large how one single institution can contribute so much in one year. I could never imagine this amount of money, so much so that I had to double check the number of zeros you add on to a billion. It’s nine."

Six Oxford academics awarded Philip Leverhulme Prizes

"Six early-career academics from Oxford University have been awarded £100,000 each in prize money from the Leverhulme Trust after being named amongst the recipients of the 2021 Philip Leverhulme Prizes."

Oxford research: changes to history teaching to address diversity

The report – which surveyed 316 teachers from a variety of different English schools – states that “the most important reasons cited for making changes to the curriculum were a sense of social justice, to better represent the nature of history and the stimulus of recent events.”

Oxford Nanopore IPO debut: In review

This method could enable DNA sequencing to become cheaper and more rapid by eliminating the need for multiple reagents and expensive equipment.

University physicists hoping to ‘hear’ spacecraft land on Mars

"Physicists at the University of Oxford are hoping to ‘hear’ the NASA Perseverance Rover when it lands on Mars in February."

Dire wolves: not just in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones

"Professor Larson said “We can get DNA from dire wolves and we now know how closely they are related to modern canids so if cloning becomes a thing, maybe we can resurrect dire wolves.”

University funds hip hop classes for teens

The classes will form part of a study on the effects of exercise on wellbeing

Healthy heart may help prevent dementia, Oxford study claims

“Dementia devastates lives, and with the number of people with dementia set to rise to 1 million by 2025 and more families affected than ever before, reducing our risk has never been more important"

Overview: Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine progress

Clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine were resumed following the death of a participant; the vaccine’s genetic programming was validated by the University of...

Oxford archaeologists help achieve access to satellite images of Israel and the Palestinian territories

Two Oxford archaeologists have contributed to the declassification of satellite images of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with "huge implications" for visual access...

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