Sunday, December 6, 2020
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    Video project highlights ethnic minority students’ Oxford experiences

    An Oxford undergraduate has launched a video project to raise awareness of the experiences of ethnic minority students at the University.

    Oxford removes Graduate Application Fee

    The University of Oxford has voted to abolish its Graduate Application Fee. Graduate applicants were previously charged £75 to...

    New car bans planned for Oxford city centre

    Oxford is set to implement two temporary bus gates, restricting cars from entering certain parts of the city centre.

    Motion banning student-staff relationships spreads across JCRs

    A motion banning relationships between staff members and any students over whom they have responsibility is being discussed in many JCRs. The motion states...

    Explained: Oxford SU ‘Academic Hate Speech’ motion sparks free speech controversy

    The Oxford University Student Union (SU) has condemned “hateful material in mandatory teaching”, after a motion on 'Academic Hate Speech' passed in...

    Oxford SU Assessment Consultation results show little agreement between students

    The Oxford Student Union has released the results of the Teaching and Assessment Student Consultation (TASC) which received a total of 5462...

    This year’s NUS conference – how your delegates voted

    Two delegates did not attend the conference, which saw the election of Zamzam Ibrahim as NUS President.

    Oxford’s pledge to support estranged students receives mixed response

    Only students registered as estranged are eligible for the full bursary

    Calls for Uni to introduce Oxford Living Wage

    The Oxford Living Wage is set at 95% of the London Living Wage to reflect the high costs of living in Oxford

    Brasenose wins Veggie Pledge

    The Veggie Pledge scheme encourages Oxford students to reduce their meat intake during November