Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn, Jackie Weaver and more to speak at the...

"Jeremy Corbyn, Jackie Weaver, and Jed Mercurio will be amongst the line-up of this term’s speakers at The Oxford Union, alongside other speakers including designer Diane Von Furstenberg, former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable, and Alayo Akinkugbe, founder of @ABlackHistoryOfArt."

Oxford Union opens courtyard beer garden

"The Beer Garden will play host to social events from pub quizzes to a drag night, and the Union aims to collaborate with societies such as the African and Caribbean Society (ACS) and causes like Pink Week."

Xie elected Oxford Union president, BRIDGE slate wins all major positions

Chengkai Xie has been elected president of the Oxford Union for Michaelmas 2021, winning 520 first preferences or 72.6% of the vote. Xie was...

Oxford Union cuts standing committee to five officers

"This comes as a direct overturn of the decision in Trinity 2017 where it was voted for the Standing Committee to be expanded from 5 members to 7."

Guide to impeachments at the Oxford Union

Once motions have been submitted to the Returning Officer, they are displayed on the Union noticeboard. The date and time at which the articles had been posted is also displayed, since 150 verified signatures need to be collected for the motion to proceed to a debate.

Union ex-Treasurer speaks out after resignation

"My resignation means nothing. It means nothing at all. This term, the election will roll back around and the same committee members who knew of the illegal gathering or were in attendance themselves, will ask for your votes. I was out of the running a good while ago, but in spite of the scandals, I stayed on as a matter of pride and out of a belief I could do better work from within. I was wrong, and I refuse to be part of it anymore. Eventually you have to put your own happiness first."

Union speaker described as denying “autistic trans people – and autistic...

LGBTQ+ Campaign says "her positions are unequivocally transphobic" and "the point in inviting her is for the Union to excite controversy" .

EXCLUSIVE: Oxford Union Hilary 2021 Termcard

Psychologist Steven Pinker, Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, actress Elizabeth McGovern, and YouTube workout star Joe Wicks are among the speakers for the Oxford...

Oxford SU LGBTQ Campaign responds to Graham Linehan’s Union invitation and...

“These events are an inevitable result of the Union's commitment to causing controversy rather than encouraging debate. The society has acted with poor judgement both in inviting Mr Linehan and in choosing to revoke that invitation, thereby opening themselves to the same accusations of 'cancel culture' they had originally sought to discuss."

Roble elected Oxford Union president, CREATE slate wins all major positions

Adam Roble has been elected president of the Oxford Union, winning with 646 first preference votes. He will serve in Trinity 2021. The runner-up was...