Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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    Oxford-Cambridge expressway could be back on the table

    There is speculation that the Oxford-Cambridge expressway is back on the table, after a hiatus on work behind the proposal in March.

    Oxford students awarded £80,000 research grants

    Three DPhil students at the University of Oxford have been given £80,000 each to fund their research.  The award...

    Overview: Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine progress

    Clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine were resumed following the death of a participant; the vaccine’s genetic programming was validated by the...

    Oxford’s Clarendon Centre to be redesigned in multi-million pound project

    The Oxford Clarendon Centre is expected to be redesigned following a proposal made by the London-based consultancy firm, Lothbury Investment Management.

    History of Science Museum reopens

    Oxford's History of Science Museum has re-opened, heralded by an Islamic metalwork exhibition. The focus of the display has been themed to...

    Return to Oxford

    "A peal of percussive raindrops tumble from towering heavens. A lonely leaf joins the fray in a willowing, whispering wash."

    Keble students boycott hall food over rise in prices

    Undergraduate students at Keble College have launched a campaign to lower the cost of hall meals. They claim that the price of...

    Eating in Oxford : a freshers’ guide

    Generally around £3.50, these wraps will put your soggy Tesco meal deal to shame.

    Time spent in Oxford

    "The photographs on the walls show people years ago in the same spot. Did they feel the same, love the same, breathe the same. It seems impossible that they did, even more so that they did not."

    ‘Crash Map’ reveals Oxford’s most dangerous cycling roads

    According to the Crash Map, an online tool for tracking road accidents, there were 111 ‘serious’ pedal-cycle accidents in Oxford between 2015-2019,...