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    Tag: Physics

    Interview: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    On astrophysics, unconscious bias, and women in science

    Interview: quantum gravity physicist Carlo Rovelli

    The man who uses his writing to share his love of physics

    Science is not just for boys

    What are the origins of the gender gap in Stem subjects at Oxford?

    Researchers capture most detailed glimpse of early star formation

    Irteza Ishraq explores the nature and science of star formation.

    Edwin Hubble: Oxford lawyer (almost)

    Richard Birch discusses the University days of the Oxford lawyer turned revolutionary physicist

    Professor Stephen Hawking to give lecture on black holes

    Professor Stephen Hawking, the celebrated physicist and cosmologist, is to give a free public lecture on black holes at the Oxford University Mathematics Institute...

    Oxford Physics Department named a ‘Champion’ of gender equality

    Oxford University's Physics department has joined 15 other British universities in gaining 'Champion' status under the Project Juno programme. Project Juno is a system initiated...

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