Monday, October 25, 2021
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Tag: racism at Oxford

Dean of the Faculty of Law launches #RaceMeToo

Responses to #RaceMeToo have ranged from shock at her experiences to solidarity from non-BAME people. But mostly, what followed was recognition.

Oxford SU launch ‘It’s not enough’ campaign

"The only way we can enact real change is by holding the University to account and by pushing them to do better, because right now, it’s not enough."
Oxford Lanscape

A View Into Both Worlds: Being Mixed-Race in Oxford

CW: Racism, mentions of violence "Throughout my time in Oxford, people have blindly made jokes about the food I eat, my various foreign mannerisms, and other misplaced snubs at the expense of the Asian community. Maybe they thought I’d find them 50% funny. Maybe they didn’t care to realise they were not."