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Oxford love can hurt like this

Okay, I thought, when I found myself two weeks into lockdown: NOW is the time to finally read that copy of Brideshead...

Pick up a Book! Rekindling a Love Affair

I will rekindle the love affair with reading that I left behind when I came to Oxford.

How to Read: the Long Vac

Besides the classic value of literature in allowing us to understand perspectives and experiences beyond our own, reading in some ways reminds us of the bigger picture.

Why Read Poetry?

It’s easy to be intimidated by poetry. Often it withholds as much as it gives, leaves obscure as much as it reveals. So why read poetry?

Daemon Voices Lecture Review – Two generations share the same world...

Pullman and Rundell make for an oddly cohesive pair at their talk in Blackwells.

We need diverse books now more than ever

Sally Christmas reflects on the importance of diverse literature in the current political climate

Play-off heartbreak for men’s hockey Blues

Caitlin Rigler reports on an unfortunate end to a brilliant season for the men's hockey Blues